The Jamaica Organization of New Jersey

Dedicated to the cultural enrichment of our communities.

The Jamaica Organization of New Jersey (JON-J) is a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization with a dual purpose of building and strengthening ties amongst people of Jamaican heritage in communities across New Jersey and to serve as a resource to give back to our homeland.

We are comprised of six chapters within various counties across the state.

Although our membership primarily consists of Jamaican nationals, our events and initiatives are open to all.


The mission of JON-J is to empower Jamaicans and their descendants to maintain a cultural identity within their communities through establishing relationships within the business, civic, educational, religious, and international arena.

This enables us to promote recreational activities and assist in the development and improvement of community-related projects in Jamaica and across the State of New Jersey.


To provide the necessary resources for Caribbean residents and new immigrants to settle and live in health and prosperity.


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  • P.O. Box 446 Orange NJ 07050
  • (848) 228-2976